Did You ever tried to find free content on the internet? Besides there are always not enough good quality stuff, besides free sites are often difficult to use, negligent or just ugly, there are one more thing - licensing. Files are most likely "partly free" using one of CC licenses, which makes them hard to use, and for many people - means simply that they have to go somewhere else and pay. We want to fix that problems - freetems.net was created to provide easily-accesable, reliable source of all kind of absolutely free content, using only license that allows You to set content free - CC0 waiver. Doing that, we hope that, with Your help, we can do something worthwhile for internet freedom.
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Freetems.net is your source of public domain/cc0 content - images, graphics, music, videos, ebooks, audiobooks, software and everything else. All presented files are absolutely free for any kind of use - including commercial usage. You can use them freely without attribution, you can create derivative work of any kind. There'll never be any unnecessary restriction on that files, as the idea behind all of this is the freedom of using and creating.
We believe in freedom!
And you?

Do you believe that Internet should be free? If you do, there's bad news for you - freedom isn't something that big companies can make big money on. SOPA, PIPA and ACTA wasn't the first, and unfortunetaly, won't be the last attempts to make internet less free and more dependent. We believe that an answer to that issue is the Public Domain. If there's decent amount of content that belongs to everyone and can't be taken away from us, there'll always be some freedom. To achieve this, we need everyone's help - if you can contribute even smallest bit of your work, you could make the Internet that one bit more free.
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